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Bridge Construction: Coastal Bridge

Bridge Construction: Coastal Bridge

Bridge Construction Types and Processes

Coastal Bridge company is known for providing innovative solutions for effective transportation surfaces. The industrial thinkers at Coastal Bridge design bridges for both of private and public entities. Coastal Bridge embodies safety, craftsmanship, and advanced technology in every project they are responsible for.

Types of Bridge Design

If you are designing or selecting a bridge type, the appropriate bridge choice is ultimately decided by the location and span of your future bridge. Several creative solutions can be applied, whether it is a truss bridge, arch bridge, beam bridge, cable bridge, or cantilever bridge. The dynamic loads present will be the biggest factor when determining the basic structure for your bridge project.

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Truss Bridge Construction

Truss bridges are used when a combination of multiple tension and compression forces will provide a stronger structure. Typical truss bridges provide a built-in support system composed of combined squares and triangular pieces used to balance forces and support loads. Truss components include lateral bracing, sway bracing, and portal strut bracing to counteract wind, gravity, and other present forces.

Beam Bridge Construction

The beam bridge is the simple predecessor of the truss bridge. The beam bridge is used for light loads and shorter spanning distances. Although the underlying structure of beam bridges may look similar to truss bridges, there is no advanced built-in support system to counter large external forces and dynamic forces. Beam bridges are appropriate for smaller projects.

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Cantilever Bridge Construction

Cantilever bridges are bridges supported on one or both ends. Cantilever bridges consist of a suspended span which is held in place by a cantilever arm. The supports holding the arm allow an even balance of forces and stability for the entire structure. Once the groundwork and supports are in place, the suspended span is built piece-by-piece on-site or pre-fabricated off-site and placed. Many local river bridges are cantilever bridges.

Cable Bridge Construction

Cable bridges are composed of strong center towers from which cables are strung. These cables are sturdy enough to hold horizontal platforms which provide the main surface for transportation. Many of the nation’s most famous and majestic bridges use the cable construction method. Well-known examples of a cable bridge include the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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