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Civil and Highway Construction: The Foundations Of Our Daily Lives

Civil and Highway Construction: The Foundations Of Our Daily Lives

Civil and Highway Construction: The Foundations Of Our Daily Lives

From interstate roadways and bridges to sewer and utility infrastructure – civil construction is the backbone of all great cities, towns and neighborhoods. We go about our daily lives without often noticing or ever understanding the intricate and vital role that these structures and systems play in keeping our world running smoothly.

They are the streets that allow you to travel efficiently to work each day and the underground aquatic systems that supply clean water to your home at the turn of a faucet. They are major transportation networks such as airports, railroads and public transportation systems that are the lifeblood of both major metropolitan areas and small towns. They are the canals and dams that sustain and protect the homes and businesses in communities across the country.

Creating The Roads and Bridges That Connect Our World

At Coastal Bridge Company, we partner with cities and companies to build the structures that make the activities of everyday life possible. For decades, Coastal Bridge has been a trusted civil and highway contractor. We specialize in helping local governments and industrial companies alike safely engineer quality highways and municipal paving projects, bridge construction, commercial and residential site development, as well as underground sewer and utility systems. In addition, our capabilities include land clearing, asphalt removal and installation, grading and resurfacing, trucking and logistics, street improvements and soil cement, as well as drainage systems.

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Industrial and Residential Construction Expertise You Can Trust

With a team of highly skilled professionals, Coastal Bridge provides comprehensive civil and road construction services for both the public and private sectors. We have completed complex interstate and marine bridge construction projects across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. Our body of work also includes large-scale residential subdivisions and commercial property developments.

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Throughout the design, construction and maintenance process, our approach is focused on quality and safeguarding the environment. Our team of trained experts has the technical knowledge and depth of experience to understand the unique demands of a diverse range of natural and manmade environments and the life cycles of every type of infrastructure. Over nearly a century of building, Coastal Bridge has maintained a commitment to the highest level of safety and sustainability for each and every project.

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