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Coastal Bridge: Marine Services

Coastal Bridge: Marine Services

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Marine construction is highly complex in the design, planning and execution of the build out. Safely creating quality, long lasting structures in and around major bodies of water presents a unique set of challenges and environmental factors. At Coastal Bridge Company, we have the expertise and depth of experience in marine construction to take your project from the design phase through to pouring the final layer of concrete.

Our unparalleled commitment to safety, efficiency and professionalism in every detail of the planning and building process is what sets us apart and allows us to deliver the highest quality projects with exceptional service. We specialize in all areas of marine services from deep foundation construction and pile driving to dock design and barge solutions.

Comprehensive Marine Building Services

We are skilled in constructing a wide range of marine structures and fender systems. Fender structures throughout waterways are important to help prevent damage to boats and ships, and protect properties from large landslide erosion caused by wave action. Our fender capabilities include dolphin structures, bulkheads, structural concrete, levees, barrier drainage canals, docks and wharves, salvage, operator facilities, as well as related electrical elements and equipment rentals such as crane and spud barge rentals.

Marine Building Services

Marine Foundations that Withstand the Elements

The ocean is an unforgiving natural environment so, ensuring the integrity of the foundation of any marine structure is crucial to control erosion and protect against scour. Coastal Bridge Company has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and implementing pile driven construction projects and marine foundation solutions that will endure the harsh marine elements. We specialize in deep foundation construction and repair using a variety of materials including timber, concrete, steel and pipe and concrete foundations.

Decades of Performance and Professionalism

With nearly a century of heavy contracting and civil infrastructure experience, Coastal Bridge Company’s origins began in Louisiana during the state’s major road development program. Since that time the company has grown to encompass every aspect of highway, bridge and marine construction services, including asphalt and concrete paving, pile driving, bridge construction, commercial and residential site development, underground sewer and utilities and more. Throughout our history, we have remained dedicated to the sustainability of our environment in all marine construction endeavors.

Marine Building

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